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Clifton Springs

Longways duple minor

A1 1-4   All cross over R.S. and loop L. to partner's place.
   5-8   Repeat to places.
A2 l-8   R.H. star once around and circle L. once round.
B1 1-8   1st couple lead down middle while 2nd couple cast up the
         outside. Meet NEXT 2nd couple and turn half round with
         inside hands. 1st couple lead up outside while 2nd couple
         lead down middle. Meet own 2nd couple and turn two
         hands to progressed place. (i.e. 1st man turn 2nd man, and
         1st woman turn 2nd woman).
B2 l-4   All allemand R. (i.e. all turn half way with R.H. and turn
         woman under to place.)
   5-8   All allemand L. (i.e. all turn half way with L.H. and turn
         woman under to place.

Source: Thompson's Compleat Collection Vol. V.

O Copyrigh t 1,987 Kepas Consultants. Eynsham Oxford

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