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Slaughter House

1703 also known as “Hey, Ho, My Honey”

Longways triple minor

   A1    8    First man and First &  2nd women hands-3
         8    1st man &  2nd couple hands-3
   A2    8    First couple cross over, go below 2nd couple, move up &  stand
              between them, all facing up
         8    Taking hands, all up a double &  back, 
              ones falling into 2nd place,     improper
   B     8    First couple half figure-8 up through 2nd couple
         8    3 changes of a hey to original places
   C     8    First couple lead down between 2nd couple &  cast back home
         4    All clap: own hands, partner's R, own hands, partner's L
         4    First couple cast to 2nd places, 2nd leading up

music -

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