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Other English Dance Activities -- Events

This page is to list events and balls Ottawa English dancers may like to attend. Note that timely announcements may also be posted on our main Ottawa English Dance page

The events are arranged in date order. Let us know if we've missed any and also if we've forgotten to clear outdated ones. Also if you are “sold out”.


Brasstown NC: Folk School Winter Dance Week

December 26, 2019–January 1, 2020

Callers & Instructors: Susan Kevra, Joseph Pimentel, Greg & Jere Canote, Sarah Henry & Michael Gorin

Musicians: Daron Douglas, Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell, Eileen Nicholson Kalfass, Kristen Planeaux

Register: To register for this class, please call 1-800-365-5724. Prior to registering by phone, please read our General Information and Policies.

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