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Virginia Reel

(longways for 4 or 5 couples) (?? how many bars)

 8  Lines forward and back, that again.
 8  All turn partner RH; then LH (once round each)
 8  All turn partner both hands.
 8  All dos a dos.
 16  C1 down the middle and back
   Strip the willow:
8      C1 turn R elbow, next opposite gender L elbow
8      then partner R, next L and so on to bottom.
16   C1 gallop back to top, Cast to bottom others follow.
   C1 make arch for others to go under. Start over.


The Virginia Reel was the most popular dance amongst the Mormon pioneers who came across the plains to Utah
Dance found in Wilson, 1816, and there is no definitive description. This is, as best I can recall, the dance I grew up with. It is a proper longways set “for as many as will”, though the best number seems to be between 4 and 8 couples. This video shows a 5 couple set.

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