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Shropshire Lass

Three-couple longways set

A1	1 - 4	1s set right and left to partner, then cast down into 2nd place, 2s moving up.
	5 - 8	1s and 3s circle left once around.
A2	1 - 4	1s again set right and left to partner, then cast up into 1st place, 2s moving down.
	5 - 8	1s and 2s circle left once around.
B1	1 - 8	1st man and 2nd man right-hand turn once and a half around, while 1st woman and 2nd woman left-hand turn once and a half around (4 bars), then 1st woman and 3rd woman right-hand turn once around, while 1st man and 3rd man left-hand turn once around (4 bars). Set is now: 2-1-3, all proper.
B2	1 - 8	1s half figure eight up through the standing 2s (4 bars), then 1s two-hand turn halfway and cast to 3rd place (3s moving up). Progression: 2-3-1. Dance two more times.

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Source: Graham Christian, TTO Ball Program

Sticker Number: n/a


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