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Puck’s Deceit

By Chris Sackett and Brooke Friendly.
Longways duple minor.

 A   1-8  Couple 1 gypsy right shoulder once around,while couple 2 meet and 
          cast up onto end of line of four. (Couple 2 on ends,facing in)
     1-8  Couple 1 cross by right shoulder... into a right
          shoulder gypsy once around with neighbor. 
          (All end facing neighbor, with 1’s back to back in  the center.)
 B1  1-16 Hey for four across the set, starting with right
          shoulder, back to the position in which you began
          the hey, but facing up in a line of four. 
 B2  1-8  All up a double and back. 
     1-6  Couple 2 gate couple 1 to progressed places, 
     7-8  couple 1 cross to end proper. 

(counts 1-8)

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