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GALLOPEDE (counter clockwise around room)

   8 chassez steps to Mens left (4 bars)
   4 W turning steps (4 bars) ??
   If want a rest, or to do more turning steps, go
   into centre of room.
       M rt arm around waist
       Lt. lower ??
       begin M Left to begin
       slide Lt, bring Rt up. ??
       slide Lt, rest ??


Source: This is one of many English dances that are simple, but have a happy spirit that makes them enjoyable.
Formation: Couples (about 6) in longways sets. Head of hall is R of W to start.
Pattern in brief: 1) Partners face. Lines advance FWD and BKWD, pass through. REPEAT.
2) Swing partners.
3) Head couples polka down center of sets.
REPEAT entire dance.

1-2        Introduction - no movement

         PART 1

1-4 Face partner w/hands joined in lines. Walk FWD 3 steps, M/L, W/L; bow to partner on

          count 4. Walk BKWD 4 steps to place.

5-8 Pass through. Release hands, and pass partner’s R should to change places w/8 steps. Turn

          R to face partner on last step.
         REPEAT measures 1-8 to return to original position.
      PART 2

1-8 Partners step FWD, join both hands, and swing CW with a polka step.

      PART 3

1-8 Head couple polka down center of set in shoulder-waist position to foot of set. Other

      couples clap hands and move one position up the set to repeat dance with new head

HINTS FOR LEARNING: You may use a skipping step instead of the polka for the two-hand swing and the polka- down-the-center. You can learn this easy dance in a matter of minutes. </code>

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