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Turn of the Tide (Ron Coxall) duple waltz time, C2 improper

   2   C1 C2 4 hands half way
   2   all turn P half way
   4   C2 lead down cast up around C1
   8   repeat with C2 at top
       C1 lead down 2 waltz steps, reverse 2 more, forward 2, reverse 2
       Turning poussette: Men push 2 bars, man left, w left, man push 2,
             half turn

Alternative final 8 bars (J Nash. To avoid too wide a dance.)

      Turning poussette: Men push a double, man moves 90 degrees left,
      woman moves 90 degrees left. (This is progression, as positions
      now reversed). Men push a double. Couples turn two hands 1.5.
      However, if behind, just turn half.
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