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Turn of the Tide

(Ron Coxall) improper duple, waltz time
Instructions suggest C2 improper (either should work fine), but I prefer C1 improper as more familiar to dancers. — nashjc 2019/04/14 19:57
As the first round is very soft, it is edited in
Tune: “Moonlight Moorings” by Heather Bexon.


   2   C1 C2 4 hands half way ("circle half")
   2   all turn P half way    ("turn half")
   4   C2 lead down cast up around C1 ("tops through bottoms")
   8   repeat with C2 at top
   8   C1 lead down 2 waltz steps, reverse 2 more, forward 2, reverse 2
   8   Turning poussette: Men push 2 bars, man left, w left, man push 2,
       half turn to side.

Alternative final 8 bars (J Nash. To avoid too wide a dance.)

      Turning poussette: Men push a two steps (1 bar), man moves 90 degrees left,
      (woman pivots on spot), woman moves 90 degrees left (man pivots). 
      (This is the progression, as positions now reversed). Men push two steps. 
      Couples turn two hands 1.5.
      However, if behind the music, or subject to dizziness, just turn half.
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