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The Ribbon Dance

Duple minor for 5 or 6 couples. Each man has a ribbon (tie, belt, …).

In each minor set, partners holding ribbons with nearer hands:
   Top couple makes arch and bottom couple goes under as they change places.
   Reverse (couple now at top make arch)
   Repeat the double exchange so all back to original places.
Whole set now involved.   
   Women let go ribbons EXCEPT bottom woman, 
   Bottom couple make arch.
   Top couple casts to the bottom and go through arch. 
   All others EXCEPT bottom couple move up to top and 
   cast off to follow top couple.
   Everyone back to place.
As soon as top couple at the top they swing/turn down
to the bottom as the others step up.

Repeat from new places.

The main point of this dance is that the bottom couple forget to stay at the bottom. I have NEVER seen an occasion where at least one couple in one set did this, so there is no arch for the dancers to go through. General laughter and more beer or cider make this a piece of useful silliness as a counterpoint to a difficult or formal dance. — nashjc 2017/11/30 18:55

Music: try


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