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Du min Thompson 1816

A1 & A2  1st Wo sets twice to 2nd Man, then turns him 
         with 2 hands once round;
         1 st Man ditto with 2nd Wo:
B1       1st Co lead down, Man turns partner under his 
          arm & they lead back up to 2nd place (2nd Co moving up);
B2       1st Co, passing Rsh, turn 1st corners with 2 hands 
         (as if in a Tri. min. set),pass Rsh again & turn 2nd 
         corners with 2 hands, finishing proper in 2nd  place:
Cl & C2  All set twice to partner then turn with 2 hands once round; 
         1st & 2nd Co's waltz round each other to finish progressed.
   Assembly variant in A 1 & A2: chassé R & set R, then chasse L & set L.

Source: <a href=“” target=“_blank”>CDSS</a>, Dance and Danceability
Sticker Number: OECDC 2016 - 12

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