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(PAT SHAW - 1973)

Longways, triple minor (2nd Cpl improper) 2/4 (AABB)

   A1 1-8     2nd Cpl: RH half turn & Hey with end Cpls; 
              2nd M with 1st Cpl passing RSh with 1st L; 
              2nd L with 3rd Cpl, RSh with 3rd       
   A2 1-8     2nd Cpl: Hey with other end Cpls; 
              2nd M passing LSh with 3rd L; 
              2nd L passing LSh with 1st M; 
              then RH half turn to place
   B  1-8     All: Circle L & R
      9-12    1st & 2nd Cpl: Cross R Sh with Prntr & moving backwards, 
              cross R Sh with Nrbgr while 3rd Cpl turn once around 2H
      13-16   2nd Cpl (now at the top) turn once around 2H while 
              1st & 3rd Cpl do half double figure of eight, 
              3rd Cpl start by crossing up between 1st Cpl, 
              who cast and cross coming up the middle

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