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If Love's A Sweet Passion by Lise Dyckman & Scott Higgs, 1990

              music by Henry Purcell, The Fairy Queen, 1692   duple minor, longways 
   Part        Bars        Description
   A1        8        1's cross (straight across the set) & cast down around another couple; 
                   half figure 8 up through that couple (latter move up at the end of the phrase)
   A2        8        1's star with different couples - first star R with couple on the R, 
                   then star L with couple on the L 
   B1        4        All gypsy R shoulder with partner 
                   (1's, tight gypsy 1 & 1/2, end with both facing down
                   between the couple below, gent in front of lady -- 2's, gypsy once around
           8        Shetland hey, 1's acting as unit with couple below, 
                   starting R shoulder with the other gent, 
                   end with supporting couple in their places, 
                   but 1's in the middle of the set
           4        1's gypsy L shoulder 1 & 1/2, end facing up between the 
                   couple above, lady in front of her partner
   B2        8        Shetland hey, 1's with couple above, starting R shoulder 
                   with the other lady, ending with supporting couple in their 
                   places, but 1's below, facing up & side by side
           4        1's lead up through the couple above, & cast down outside to progressed place
           4        All set & turn single
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