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Gwyn Williams, 1961
4 couples Square

A1  Join hands, go in to the middle and back.  back to back partner.
A2  All that again.
B1  Ones cross over with partner, weave outside one person, 
    in front of the next, behind the next, lead home through 
    the threes and wheel around to original place.
B2  Circle left: seven slip steps and kick.  Same to the right.
C1  Ones full figure eight through threes, finishing home.
C2  Turn you partner.

. AKA and see “Offa's Dyke.” Oswestry, Shropshire, traditionally derives its name from “Oswald's Tree,” a reference to Oswald of Northumbria who was defeated here by Penda of Mercia in 642, and who had the misfortune to be crucified on a tree. His family could not retrieve his remains for a year. A border town, Oswestry suffered from depredations by both the Welsh and English. 'Oswetry Square' is the name of an English Country Dance set to the tune of “Offa's Dyke.”

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