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Pat Shaw 4 cpl longways, C1 and C3 improper

   A1 1-4  All fwd and back
      5-8  All swing ptner (pivot step)
        (?? finish with W on RH of M so next bit works)
   A2 Ladies chain C1-C2, C3-C4, finish facing 
   B1 1-4 End couples meet and half Rts and Lefts
          WHILE middles nove up or down to ends and turn partner 
          2H half way
      5-8 New ends meet as above, as middles move to ends
          Face ends then fall back
          (Set now upside down)
   B2 1-8 C1 lead up (double step), separate, and cast to bottom
          followed by others. All turn Partner 2h half way to
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