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Improper Contra Dance

   1. Do sa do opposite, ladies in middle and all hold hands, all Balance 
   2. Ladies release hands, turn men into middle, all hold hands and Balance
   3. Turn opposite 1/2 , swing partner
   4. Down lines of 4, turn as couple, come back
   5. Ladies chain, 1/2 promenade, turn back on each other to meet new couple

music -

Shades of Shadrack

Gene Hubert (Scott Higgs var)
(Duple Improper)

A1 16 N Balance and Swing
A2 8 Cicle L (all the way to face the same N)
   8 Dosido 1.25 to a wave (Larks in the middle by the L)
B1 4 Balance wave
   4 Larks aleman L 1/2
   8 P swing
B2 8 (With P) promenade across
   8 (To N) Ravens chain
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