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Dance and Music by Colin Hume.
Four couples longways.

Al 16 bars  Ones set; dance a two-hand turn one and a half (4 bars)  cast one place.
            Top three couples in lines, forward and back. Set in lines of threes dance across.
A2  Ones repeat the first eight bars.
    Bottom three couples repeat the second eight bars.
Bl  Step right and honor partner. Ends right-hand star half-way; new middles left-hand star
    half-way (6 small steps each).
B2  Step right and honor Partner Right-hand turn one and a half (12 steps) .

The whole dance is done four times.


Written for the Beckenham and Croydon Folk Dance Club's New Year's Eve dance, when the theme for the evening was “Red and Gold”. The first section is “Red”, symbolising fire, blood rushing through veins, etc., and is danced with vigour. The second section is “Gold”, symbolising regal elegance, refinement, etc., and is done to a stately walk. That's the theory, anyway; they weren't convinced at Beckenham either!

The music isn't as difficult as some of my tunes, though the musicians must be ready for the change in tempo. There's an optional counter-melody, including a bar of “Nellie the Elephant” which results from too long an association with Kafoozalum.

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