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Dance and Music by Colin Hume.
Double circle, men on inside, ladies on outside.
(Each line of music is 4 bars.)

A  Give two hands to partner: two chassés to the man's left; separate and cast away 
   (1, 2, 3 hop) finishing well apart facing each other. Two chassés the other way; 
   together three steps and clap,
B  Right-forearm turn (1 & 2 & 1, 2, 3 hop). Back with the left, and stay facing in is 
C  Single file, wen clockwise, ladies anticlockwise ((1 & 2 & 1, 2, 3 hop). Cast right
   shoulder and come in to meet the one before your partner.
D: Cross-hand swing twice around (step-hop), with two claps at the end.

Written (tune, instructions and unpublished words) in a car driving down from Scotland. First danced at Broadstairs Folk Week in 1984. I called it during the final dance and then Wic Spenceley and I sang the words (Which are as bad as you would imagine witha tune like this)!

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