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DuQuoin Races

   by Orris ???
   (From Martha Cooper Jan 12 2002)
   Beckett Formation
   L2  M2
   M1  L1
   Balance 4s
   Ladies LH 1/2 way while M cross, into
   wavy line and balance
   ^M1  L1v
   ^L2  M2v
   Partners LH into wavy lines on side (M face out, L in)
   Balance lines, Ladies cross while Men loop round (to R??)
   Wavy lines (M face in, L out) balance the long lines
   Men cross, Ladies loop (to R??), meet partners and swing
   Circle L 1/2 way, roll away the corner lady
   Circle L 1/2 way, roll away partners
   Circle L 1/2 way and slide L to meet next pair
   Start over
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