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Boston Tea Party

Form: 6 or more couples, longways Author: Jean Butler Music: reels - “Goodbye Girls We're Going to Boston” or jigs - “Fiery Clock”

A1 1-8 Ones gallpo to bottom;

	make an arch & come up over M (W on outside).

A2 1-8 Ones go on arching down over the W (W still on outside);

	then gallop back up to the top.

B1 1-8 Ones face down (others face up), all holding hands;

	Ones (ONLY) dip & dive through the arches
	then make an arch at the bottom,
	AS the others move up, casting out when they reach the top.

B2 1-8 The casting couples meet at the bottom of the set,

	lead up through the arch to progressed place,
	All swing partner.
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