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The Country Bumpkin

English Country Dance collected by Sylvan Harmer
It was adapted by Colin Hume
It is a proper 4 couple longways dance.

Tune: Sir Roger de Coverley.

A1:	Top lady bottom man two-hand turn.  Their partners do the same.
A2:	Top lady bottom man set moving forward; fall back.  Their partners do the same.
B1:	Same people gipsy right or back-to-back.
A3:	Ones cross, go below twos.  Cross again, below threes.
A4:	Cross again, below fours.  Cross to own side, lead to top.
B2:	Ones cast, others follow.  Ones arch at bottom, others up.

The tune could be “The Bluebell Polka”
Dance is one of the many variants on Sir Roger de Coverley.


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