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or Women and Wine (aka The Old Mill)

3-cu. set (3/2) (G) Walsh, 1718 Tune: The Old Mill, Brian Jenkins Reconstruction: Tom Cook Hunter’s Moon, pp. 24-25 Recording: Boston Centre Series, vol. I, by Bare Necessities (see The Old Mill)

A1  1-6  1st man cast below 2nd man, R-hd. turn 3rd wo., 
         cast above 2nd wo. to ptnr’s. orig. place, 
         WHILE 1st wo. balance back, follow ptnr. around 
         2nd man, cross set below 2nd cu., cast up around 
         2nd wo., & cross to ptnr’s. orig. place, turn L to face ptnr.
    7-8  1st cu. L-hd. turn halfway (orig. places).

A2  1-6  1st wo. cast below 2nd wo., L-hd. turn 3rd man, cast above 2nd man to ptnr’s. 
         orig. place, WHILE 1st man balance back (as 1st wo. above), ending turning R to face ptnr.
    7-8  1st cu. R-hd. turn halfway (orig. places).

B   1-6  1st cu. (R-hd. in R) lead down middle [[3|steps]], face the we. (1st man below), 
         then mirror heys across the set (1st man w. 3rd cu.: pass R-sh. w. 3rd wo.; 1st wo. 
         w. 2nd cu.: pass L-sh. w. 2nd wo.).
    7-8  1st cu. R-hd. turn 3⁄4 to middle places (improper).

A3  1-4  1st cu. cross R-sh., cast to the top (proper), face down, turn S away, 
         & again face down (2nd & 3rd cus. face up).
    5-8  1st cu. lead down the middle to the btm. (other cus. follow up the outside), 
         1st cu. cast up to middle place (2nd cu.
         remain at btm., 3rd cu. finish at top).
         (Note: prog. is 3, 1, 2.)
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