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Smith's Boree

Longways triple minor with triple progression
Playford's Dancing Master of 1726
Interpreted by Ken Sheffield.

A1    1st man turn 2nd woman (R.H.) while 2nd man turn 3rd
      woman (R.H.).
A2    2st woman turn 2nd man (L.H.) while 2nd woman turn 3rd
      man (L.H.).
B1    Morris hey once round and 1st couple cast off into middle
B2    1st and 3rd couple gates down.
      1st and 2nd couple gates up.
      1st couple lead through 3rd couple into 1st couple's place in
      next set while 3rd and 2nd couple cast up one place.
      1st couples are now 1st couples again in the set below.

NOTE: At the top of the whole set there are never any neutral couples nor are there any at the bottom if the number of couples is a multiple of three.

Source Playford's Dancing Master Vol. III
@ Copyrigh t 1,995 Kepas Consultants. Eynsham Oxford

no music

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