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KNIVES AND FORKS Longways duple Music BN??

   A1 1-2 1st couple cast off, go below 2s who wait then lead up
      3-4 1st couple back to back
   A2 1-4 1st couple repeat but cast UP
   B1 1-2 1s and 2s face out, take inside hands with neighbour and
          lead out (1 bar) then back in (1 bar)
      3-4 All cross over with partner and loop to the right
   B2 1-2 1st Man cross with 2nd Woman, then 2nd Man with 1st Woman
      3-4 All turn partners once round (?? two hands)


Knives and Forks 1726 duple minor, longways

   Part        Bars        Description
   A1        4        1's cast down & back to back, as 2's dance up
   A2        4        2's cast down & back to back, as 1's dance up 
   B1        4        All lead out 3 steps, turn, & lead back, 
                   all cross over with partner
   B2        1        Original 1st corners change
           1        Original 2nd corners change
           2        All turn partners 2 hands
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