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Colin Hume.
Music: Peter Jenkins.
Proper DM

A 12 bars  Right-hand star three-quarters: First man lead second lady down, turn
           individually. Lead back, cast round others who help them round to 2nd place.
B 12 bars  All do-si-do opposite. Second man Lead first lady down, turn individually
           Lead back, cast round others to second place. 
C 12 bars  Take hands in Lines, go forward and back. forward again and cross over.

Peter Jenkins is the leader of Kafoozalum. We wrote the dance as a birthday present for Jacki Whitby, the other accordionist in the band. It's not as simple as it looks, partly because each section is three 4-bar phrases instead of the usual two, and partly because you spend most of the time with your partner beside you instead of opposite you. The tune is not so obvious either.

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