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Trip to Chippenham…longways Improper (2 steps per bar) Gary Roodman, 2003?

A1  (1-4) With Nbr back-to-back
	(5-6) Give RH to Nbr, then LH to Nbr

	(7-8) With Nbr turn halfway 
A2 	(1-4) With Ptr, back-to-back

	(5-6) Ms cross on the 1st corner diagonal and…
	(7-8) Everyone face Nbr across the set, change places and remain facing out. 
           (Ms are home, Ptrs beside them in line, all facing out) 

B1 	(1-4) With Ptr, lead away and turn (California Twirl or Duke of Kent if you like) 
	(5-8) Lead back in and circle 3/4 till Ptrs across (All home)  

B2	(1-2) Ptrs change paces passing R Sh
	(3-4) Turn away from Nbr, and backing up, pass Nbr R Sh
	5-8)  Beginning with Nbr, 3 quick changes R & L (with hands)

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