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Walsh 1712, Purcell tune, 3/4, long duple
?? check description

   A1 1-4  hands 4 and step set Lt and Rt, then 5 steps circling
           to left, close.
      5-8 step set Rt and Lt, circle back
   A2  C1 cast, 2s move up and C1 turn 2 hands
       C2 same
   B1  C1 back to back, then face neighbour for 4 (5??) chances of
       circular hay, C1 co down outside of C2 at end ready for
   B2  1-4  whole fig 8 up through 2s
       5-8  symmetrical B to B with new ** C2 below
            [[|C1 go down middle to begin ]]
        step set is 3 beats.
        ?? Neighbours B to B, face partners for 3 changes of circular hay

Volpony lw dpl

   A1 Hands 4, all step-set L & R, circle L (5 steps then feet together); 
      Repeat in reverse (step-set R & L)
   A2 1's cast down, 2's lead up, 1's turn 2 hands once round
      2's the same
   B1 1's b-t-b, then face neighbors for circular hey (no hands) 4 changes, 
      then 1's go down the outside below 2's (who move up)
   B2 1's go full fig 8 up thru 2's, then with cpl below do 
      symmetrical b-t-b (1's going down center & up outside)
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