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Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2007
Duple Minor Longways
Tune: Daybreak

A 1-2 Neighbors L-hand turn once round into...
  3-4 Two changes of rights and lefts (R-hand to partner to begin)
  5-8 Partners R-hand tum once and a half (end all progressed and proper)

B 1-2 Partners facing, those on 1st diagonal advance toward partner and retire (balance
      forward and back) while those on 2nd diagonals balance back away from partner
      and come forward

  3-4 Those on 2nd diagonal cast right, followed by partner, into a CW no-hands circle
      halfway round
  5-8 Repeat bars 1-4

‘Music: Hunan Hornpipe by Jonathan Jensen, 2007
Teaching Point:
In the B phrase, at the end of bar 2 those on 2™ diagonal begin to turn over R- shoulder; at the end of bar 4 those same people turn back over R-shoulder to face partner; at the ‘end of bar § those same people stay facing out ready for L-hand with new neighbor.

The East Asian flavor of Jonathan's tune inspired the name for this dance — a reference to where the world's day begins.

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