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Shepherd's Delight

Dance By: Hilary Herbert
Music: Quem Pastores (Medieval), 32 bar waltz
Three couple longways set (all proper)
Published in Hilary’s Humours Vol. 1 and recorded on the CD of the same name.
(Note: file saved under mis-typed name.)

A1 1-8  1st couple give two hands and with 1st man moving backwards, 
        He draws his partner round 2nd man, across the set, 
        round 3rd lady and up the centre of the set - 
        finishing in facing lines of three, 1st man between 
        2nd couple and 1st lady between 3rd couple.
A2 1-4  Lines of three fall back and come forward.
   5-8  Join hands and circle six until all improper 
        and facing a new partner.
B1 1-4  Middle couple two hand turn 1/2 way and 
        chasse up between top couple who simultaneously 
        chasse down on the outside.
   5-8  New middle couple two hand turn 1/2 way and 
        chasse down, bottom couple chasse up on 
        the outside.
B2 1-4  New middle couple two hand turn 1/2 way and 
        cast to the bottom of set 
        - bottom couple lead up.
   5-8  All two hand turn new partners once round.
Progression:  2M+3L - 3M+1L - 1M+2L
             Repeat 2 times.

Recording: Step Stately track 14 (B6 on cassette)
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