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True Kit

Gary Roodman 1999 – Old Friends
Proper duple minor longways dance.
Music “Mr Warwick's Mask” is suggested.

A1  1-2  1st corners step and honor, gypsy 1/2 to change places
    3-4  1st corners back to back R shoulder
A2  1-4  2nd corners same (all end progressed improper)
B   1-2  Change places with neighbour as follows: 
         1st couple cast up while 2s lead down and turn single away
    3-4  Gate: 2s gate 1s down and back into lines
    5-6  Circle 4H once around (all the way!)
    7-8  1s cross and go below, while 2s 2H turn 1/2 way and lead up.


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