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The Young Widow

Triple minor (or 3 Co long set) Griffiths 1788

This dance is considered an English Country Dance, but was published in A Collection of The newest and most fashionable Country Dances and Cotillions. The greater Part by Mr. John Griffith, Dancing-Master in Providence. More history at

  A1    1st & 2nd Co's Rh across & Lh back as (often omitted) 
        3rd Co turn Rh then Lh;
  A2    1st Co lead down, wheel round as a Co (Man
        backwards), lead up & cast to middle place (improper):
  B1&2  In side lines of 3 set twice 
        (David Smuckler suggests lead forward & back in lines)
        then hands 6 L half way round:
  C1    C1 step back slightly  
        as C3 & C2 face up and down on sides & set twice,
  C2    C3 & C2 2 changes R&L with hands, neighbours
        facing to start, 
        C1 step back in on second part of R&L. (In 3C set, they
        cast to bottom.)

Animation: Young Widow

Video: Young Widow

Source:, Dance and Danceability, Sticker Number: OECDC 2016 - 12

Old instructions file (Triple minor version)

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