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A Collection of the newest and most fashionable Country Dances and Cotillions The greater part by Mr John Griffiths, Dancing-Master in Providence. 1788

Triple minor proper

   A1    Cross Hands in a r.h. star -back again in a l.h. star
   A2    With 4 counts lead down the Middle, then with 4 counts ½ 2h 
         turn your Partner to face up again, and with 8 counts 
         cast off- the Gent. Cast off one Co. to the Ladies Side, 
         and the Lady to the Gent.
  Short B1 On Side of dance -balance all six- then set right and left,
  Short B2 and then go all round in a half circle - finishing 1s back 
           on proper side 2s and 3s improper and slightly forward
   C      second and third Co. take 8 counts to balance forward and 
          back along set towards opposite and then set right and left  
          across set with own partner in the Middle, opposite to each 
          other – then with 8 counts same 2 couples Half right and 
          left in the Middle starting r.h. with partner.

OECDC often does this as a 3-couple set, in which case actives must slip to bottom at end of their round.

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