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The Short and the Tall

Ron Coxall, 19??

Tune: The Boy's Lament to his Dragon

4 couple set, longways, with 2's & 4's improper

Part  Bars  Description
A1     4    Top 4 & bottom 4 right hands across
       4    The two "key" people (2nd corners in center 4 people) 
            pass left shoulders and lead to left with star partners 
            following them, to invert the set
A2     4    Same 4 left hands across
       4    "Key" persons pass right shoulders and lead to right, 
            ending in original position
B1     4    All 8 circle left 1/2
       4    All turn partners 2-hands 1/2 way
B2     4    Bottom couple arch & others lead through arch & cast to top
       4    All back to back with partner
           (ends 2341, with 1's & 3's improper)


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