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Measured Obsession

Fried DeMetz Herman 1991
Recording: duple minor, longways, 1's improper

Part  Bars  Description
A1    2    Right-hand star 1/2
      2    Women balance in and out while men orbit 1/2 clockwise
      2    Right-hand star 1/2
      2    Men balance in and out while women orbit 1/2 clockwise
A2    2    Partners take two hands (facing across) and men retreat straight back
      2    Partners take inside hands (1's face up, 2's face down) and 
           advance one place along the set, taking two slow steps
      2    Partners join both hands, women retreat back into lines
      2    1's lead down one place and face out, taking two slow steps, 
           while the 2's cast up and face in, taking 6 steps
B     4    1's face en face while 2's back to back
      4    1's back to back while 2's face en face
C     3    1's lead up and cast down, while the 2's cast down and lead up
      1    Partners two-hand turn 1/2
      2    Neighbors right-shoulder gypsy
      2    All turn single to the right, ending in position for the new right-hand star
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