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The Old Mole

Playford 1651.
Adapted by Cecil Sharp in 1912.
3 couple longways

   Lead up a double and back; partners set and turn single. Repeat.
   All face L wall, forward a double and back; set and turn single. 
   Same to R wall.
   1st corners meet, fall back; then cross. 
   2nd corners the same. Then middle couple.
   2nd and 3rd women, and 1st and 2nd men, make arches, 
   come forward and fall back;
   then cross over with 1st woman and 3rd man respectively. 
   Return with arches made by 1st and 2nd women, 
   and 1st and 2nd men 
   (2nd couple give L hands each time).
   Repeat whole arches figure,
   Corners cross as before, back to places.
   Men take hands and women the same, lines meet, 
   1st and 3rd couples fall back; 1st and 3rd men turn, 
   as do 1st and 3rd women, and 2nd couple. 
   These pairs side; partners turn.
   Men's straight hey, 1st man face down, 2nd and 3rd up. 
   Women's hey the same.
   Circular hey twice round, 1st couple facing partners, 
   2nd couple facing down, 3rd up.
   1st couple followed by others cast to bottom; 
   then cast back to places. Repeat.

Old Mole ancient version

According to Dean-Smith & Nicol, “Old Mole” is related to the older ballad “Sir Eglamore” (“Sir Eglamore was a valiant knight, fa la lanky down dilly,”)

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