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The Old Mole (ancient)

Longways for 6

   Lead up a double forward and back, 
   Set and turn single. 
   That again. 
   All a double to the left hand, 
   back again, 
   Set and turn single. 
   As much to the right. 
   First man and last woman meet a double, 
   back again, 
   meet again and change places. 
   First woman and last man as much. 
   The second man as much with his own.
   The two first women hands 
   and the two last man hands, 
   lead forward and back to the odd
   one against them, 
   let the odd ones go under your arms. 
   Do this change four times over to
   the place where you began. 
   Then the first and last change 
   as before to your places.
   All the men hands and all the woman hands, 
   meet all forward and back the first and last, 
   last on each side turn each other, 
   the second turning his own. 
   Side where you turned and turn your own. 
   Men the single Hey. Women as much. 
   The double Hey twice over. 
   Cast off all and come to your places. 
   That again.
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