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Cary Roodman
A Longways for Four Couples
Second and Fourth Couples Improper
Historical English Style

A 1-4   M set R&L to each other and change places by the RH.
  5-8   All face across and go back-to-back with opposite.
  9-12  W set R&L to each other, change places by the LH,
        and move into promenade position with opposite.
        (W slide in front of the M to end on M's R.)
  13-16 Couples promenade halfway across the set.
               [Everyone is home.]

B 1-2   In sets of two couples, do two quick changes of
        R&Ls, beginning with Ptr and 
  3-4   With the next person in the major set, gypsy halfway
        (along the lines in the middle, across the set at the
         ends), and
  5-8   Taking hands-eight, circle left halfway around.
  9-12  In lines of four, fall back (2), and then turn single (2).
  13-16 Everyone pass through and loop R to face back
         (plenty of time).
  17-20 With Ptr, 2HT once around.

MUSIC: “New Hampshire Nocturne” by Jonathan Jensen.
Teaching Point:
The phrasing in the second half of the B usually requires a little emphasis. It is two bars to fall back (9-10), two bars to turn single (11-12), four bars to come forward, pass through and turn back to face partner (13-16), and four bars for the two- hand tum (17-20).

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