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Evergreen II

Planxty Hewlett“ (Turlough O'Carolan), AAB
Orly L. Krasner, 2008
Duple minor longways, 1s improper

A1  1-4    Women right-hand turn once around. 
    5-8    Partners gypsy right shoulder once around. 
A2  1-4    Men left-hand turn once around. 
    5-8    Partners gypsy left-shoulder once around. All home. 
B   1-2    Partners, with left hands joined low, step and honor to the right. 
    3-4    Star left halfway, All progressed but crossed over. 
    5-8    Poussette variant: At the end of the star, women face out of the set with partner close 
           behind them. Women go forward two waltz steps with men following. Men back into 
           partner's original home place while ~omen turn over left shoulder and advance into 
           place (no hands). All home but crossed over. 
    9-12   Partners draw poussette counterclockwise halfway (women go forward to start}, 
           releasing hands into place. All progressed. 
    13-16  Partners set right and left and turn single.

My original version of the dance uses two B sections. Planxty Hewlett, however, is usually played and recorded with only one sixteen-bar B phrase. this version condenses the pattern into one phrase and can be danced to most recorded versions of Carolan's tune.

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