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How to write and edit Playford Wiki pages...

Editing a Wiki page is very simple. There is a little tab button at the top of the screen labelled “Edit this page”. However, it is only active if you are logged in. Ask the administrator (nashjc _at_ for a login, but please let us know who you are – we only give logins to people we know are genuine. There may also be Edit buttons below and to the right of sections. Click on one of these buttons and you are editing the current page or section.

The great thing about this wiki is that any logged-in user can edit any page. There is a history function, so administrators can undo vandalism and such. When editing, three buttons appear beneath the text, offering the options of “Save”, “Preview”, and “Cancel”. It's always a good idea to do a preview of an edit before you save the page in its entirety. Changes are visible immediately - once you've changed a page, it is changed for the whole world.

When editing, links to other Dokuwiki pages can be added by putting a word in double brackets: Example. If you want a name different from the page name, use A different name for the link If you add a link to a page that doesn't exist, you can then save your current page or section, and click on the link. A new page template will be offered that you can type into. Save this new page, and you've just extended the wiki. Easy, eh?

After you create or edit an article, people may rewrite or extend your work. This is not considered bad form in a collaborative workspace. Adding references or additional facts; correcting spelling and grammar; and even refactoring long articles into a mini-wiki on the topic are all considered useful things to do in a wiki. Don't take it personally if someone adapts, reuses, or extends the words you've written, it's common practice. The Golden Rule and the Hippocratic Oath both apply: do unto others as you'd have them do unto you, and first, do no harm.

More details on how to edit can be found at the page.

Have fun!

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