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Jaque Latin

Duple minor longways, 2/4, G Major Recueil de 24 Contredances Angloise les Plus Usité (Willsim), 1755. English Dances for the Dutch Court, Charles C. Hendrickson (The Hendrickson Group), 1996.

A1 1-8  Hey for three, 1st woman with the two men, passing
        2nd man left shoulder to start.
A2 1-8  Hey for three, 1st man with the two women, passing
        2nd woman right shoulder to start.
B1 1-4  1st couple cross and go below one place, 2nd couple
        lead up (3-4)
   5-8  1st couple again cross and go below one place (2nd
        couple remain in place).
B2 1-2  1st couple lead up the center past one couple to
        end below their original 2nd couple.
   3-4  Facing neighbor, all set.
   5-8  1st couple lead up through 2nd couple and cast back
        to progressed place.
C1 1-4  Facing corner, all set twice.
   5-8  Left hands across.
C2 1-4  Facing corner, all set twice.
   5-8  Circle left.

NOTES A1 7-8, A2 1-2 The 1st man should time his first hey so that he can move directly into the second hey. B1 First couples can make the first cross with a long loop so as to dance continuously into the second crossing. C2 5-8 Proper timing in the circle will give the 1st woman momentum, and a smooth transition into the next opening hey for three. A robust, exhilarating dance (and somewhat exhausting for the 1st couple, who dance non-stop!)

While carrying a French name and Dutch reference, the dance has distinctive Scottish accents, notably in the setting at the end, and in the tune itself. Played at a driving pace (as on the recording) it makes a great pre-intermission dance.


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