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Ottawa English Dance: Trip to Ottawa

Caller: John Nash

Jack's Health

A1   8   First couple cross and go below, second couple move up.
A2   8   First couple turn partner 2 hands (Now improper).
A2   8   Back to back with your contrary.
A2   8   Fall back taking hands with contrary; set to partner.
B1   8   Come forward with contrary, turn single away.
     8   Two changes of right-and-left (hands).
B2   8   Complete right-and-left
     8   All turn partner two hands (C1 1.5 turns, C2 1 turn)

Turn of the Tide

2   C1 C2 4 hands half way ("circle half")
2   all turn P half way    ("turn half")
4   C2 lead down cast up around C1 ("tops through bottoms")
8   repeat with C2 at top
8   C1 lead down 2 waltz steps, reverse 2, forward 2, reverse 2
8   Turning poussette: Men push a two steps (1 bar), man moves 90
    degrees left (woman pivots on spot), woman moves 90 degrees left
    (man pivots). Men push two steps into line.
    Couples turn two hands half or 1.5 according to taste.
Note that this poussette is narrower than that in the video.

Mr Isaac's Maggot

   A. M1 turn W2 by R hand 3/4; 
      ret to place moving below & around M2; 
      W1 turn M2 by L 3/4, 
      return to place moving below & around W2
   B. Inside hands w/ neigh., 
      all fall back 6 steps, come fd. 
      3 steps, turn single R, 
      face partner & circular hey (3 changes), 
      end in line of 4 facing up (1s betw. 2s);
      take hands, up double & back, 
      1st couple assisted cast to 2nd place

Mrs. Savage's Whim

A1     12     1st gent step and honor 2nd lady. Gents 2-H turn.
       12     1's back to back(6) and turn single L(6).
A2     12     2nd lady step and honor 1st gent. Ladies 2-H turn.
       12     2's back to back(6) and turn single L(6).
B      12     1's cross and dance outside to 2nd place/2’s move 
              in and lead up (6); all back-to-back partner (6)
       12     1's 1/2-figure 8 up (9) and turn single away (lady L, 
              gent R) (3)

Sapphire Sea

A (1-8) Circle 4 once around; First corners right hand turn 1x.
A (1-8) Circle 4 once around; First corners right hand turn 1x.
  (9-16) Second corners left hand turn 1x; Ones cast down into middle
of line of 4, as Twos lead up and cast onto ends of line. (All finish
facing second woman.)

B (1-8) Dolphin hey, Ones acting as a unit, start by Ones passing
right shoulder with second woman.  (Finish in line of 4 facing up.
  (9-16) Line leads up a double and falls back; gate Ones up
approximately half-way, letting go early to drift into new circles for
the next round.

Caller: Jamie Hargrove

Bloomsbury Market (no video for this duple minor variant)

M1 R hand turn W2, then L hand turn M2, then R hand turn W3 
   (the next W1), and lead up to place behind neighbour
W1 the same
M2 hey with C1
C1 lead down and cast to place
Two hand turn partner
W2 hey with C1
C1 cast, C2 lead up
Two hand turn partner

Never Love Thee More

Introduction: Honour presence, honour partner, Double forward and back. 
		  Repeat all.

Body:		Back to back R; then L.
		C1 full figure-8 through C2.
		Hands-4 half way, fall back a double; cross over.
		R hands across; L hands across.

Barr a Barr (Bar a Bar) (no video for this variant)

A1  2  Set forward to the center (of your set of four)
    2  Turn single right, back to place
    4  Circle left
A2  2  Neighbors lead out
    2  Turn alone and lead back
    4  Partners back to back
B   2  1st corners change
    2  2nd corners change
    4  Women lead through the men and cast back to place
    4  Face neighbor, inside hands with partner; go forward and back
    4  All four, turn single R, then change with neighbour by R shoulder
    4  Partners draw poussette CCW halfway. (W1 push, W2 below pull)

Ianthe (done to Red House) (no video)

First corners set and turn; two hand turn all the way around.
Second corners the same.
C1 lead down (about 8 beats); lead back up; cast to 2nd position.
Four changes of rights and lefts, starting with partner.
R hand turn with R diagonal, turn partner with both hands.
L hand turn with L diagonal, turn partner with both hands counterclockwise.

Jacob Hall's Jig (Part A simplified)

A1 1-4 1st corners right hand turn once around, 
   5-8 they pick up lady 1 and circle left once.
A2 1-4 2nd corners left hand turn once, 
   5-8 they pick up lady 2 and circle right once.
       All end in original places.
B1 1-2 Ones lead down a double.
   3-4 Ones change hands and lead up between the twos
       to form a line of four across the set.
   5-8 Lines lead up a double and fall back into a ring.
B2 1-4 Circle left once around.
   5-8 Ones lead up and cast down to progressed place.

Caller: Mary Williams

Mendocino Redwoods

A1 1-4 Up a double and back
   5-8 Twos 1/2 figure 8 up through the ones
A2 1-4 Down a double and back
5  -8 Ones 1/2 figure 8 down through the twos
B1 1-8 Right hands across, Left hands across
B2 1-2 1st corners change L shoulder (1st man, 2nd woman)
   3-4 2nd corners change R shoulder (1st woman, 2nd man)
   5-8 Partners 2-hand turn once round & end facing up.

Bonnie Grey-eyed Morn

A1  1-4  1st corners right-hand turn once round, then
         M1 long cast to 2nd place, M2 moving up and 
         turning out into 1st place
    5-8  2nd corners (includes M1) left-hand turn ... 
         W1 cast down, W2 move up.
A2  1-4  New 1st corners (M2, W1), as above
    5-8: New 2nd corners (M2, W2), as above (all back at home)
B1  1-4  C1 cross right shoulder and move down the outside to 2nd place
         (C2 leading up), then C1 half figure eight up through C2.
    5-8  C1 lead down through cpl below (_next_ C2) and cast back,
         then up through cpl above (own 2s) and cast back (all progressed).
B2  1-4  C2 cross R, down the outside to 2nd place, C1 leading up, 
         C2 half figure eight up through C1.
    5-6  C2 lead down through cpl below (_next_ C1) and cast back.
    7-8  C1 long cast down to 2nd place while C2 lead up and turn 
         out in 1st place.

Dancing Across the Atlantic

A1 M1 full figure of 8 through C2 with W1 following,
   C1 end in each other's place
A2 W2 full figure of 8 through C1 (above) with M2 following,
   C2 end in each other's place
B1 M1 and W2 take R hand, take L hand, turn half
   Partners back to back on side
B2 W1 and M2 take R hand, take L hand, turn half
   Partners back to back across


A1  1-2   1st Corners: set in place
    3-4   1st Corners: RH turn halfway
A2  1-4   2nd Corners the same (progressed & improper)   
B1  1-2   Facing prtn: all fall back step-close, step-close (start R)
    3-4   Prtnr cross by R-Sh & loop right into…(progressed & proper)
    5-8   All in a single file circle L once round
    9-12  Prtnr 2-H turn once round
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