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Zephyrs and Flora

Walsh in 1715.
Adapted by Bernard Bently in 1965.
Proper duple minor

A1  1-4   1st corners back to back
    5-8   1st corners join R hands (5) then L hands (6) and
          with crossed hands turn 1/2
A2  1-8   2nd corners repeat
B1  1-8   C1 cast up, C2 down, C1 1/2 figure 8 down through C2
B2  1-8   C2 cast up, C1 down, C2 1/2 figure 8 down through C1

See an animation of this dance


In mythology, Zephyr was gentle wind of the west and the interceder between the World of the living and the Underworld, who fell in love with Flora, a nymph of flowers and springtime.

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