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Duple minor proper
Dancing Master 1727
Tune: Zealand

A1  1-8	 All fall back a D, fwd. D, then turn S and cross RH with ptn.
A2  1-8	 Slow corner crossings (hole in wall) 1st. crns, then 2nd. crns.
B1  1-4	 1st.Cpl cast up and turn down to face out.
    5-8  Lead Nbr. out and come back.
B2  1-4	 1st.C 1/2 fig. down through 2nd.Cpl
    5-8  1st.C turn 1/2 way and cast, 2nd.Cpl lead up.

Note that the Dutch province is ZEELAND, pronounced “zay lond”. Is this dance a reference to some of the many exchanges, both friendly and not, between Dutch and English mariners there?

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