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Wou'd You have a Young Virgin

or Poor Robin's Maggot

Source: The New Country Dancing Master. The 2d Book. London. J. Walsh, P.Randall, J.Hare, 1710/11

The dance is here under the title Shilly Shally all Folly but when it reappears (as the first of two alternative figures to the tune) in Walsh's Second Book of the Compleat C~ountry Dancing Master, 1719, and in John Young's The Dancing Master: Vol. the Second, all four editions, it is under the new title. A Virgin of 15 years in John & William Neal's Choice Collection, Dublin, 1726, is yet another figure to the tune.

(Copy: The Dancing Master, Vol. 2, 1st edition)

Form: Longways, duple minor

   A1    1-4    Cnrs. facing, all forward to meet and fall back to place.
         5-8    Hands 4, circle L.
   A2    1-4    Keeping inside hands joined, nbrs. fall back and come forward.
         5-8    1st cpl. cross R., move down outside 2nd cpl. and 2-hand turn half round
                into 2nd place proper, 2nd cpl. meeting and moving up in bars 5-6.
   B1    1-4    1st cpl. 2 slips up to stand outside 2nd cpl., pause (2 beats), 2 more slips
                up into the place above, and step forward a single.
         5-8    1st cpl. set R. & L. then cast back down to 2nd place.
   B2    1-4    2nd cpl. 2 slips down to stand outside 1st cpl., pause (2 beats), 2 more
                slips down into the place below, and step forward a single.
         5-8    2nd cpl. set R. & L. then cast back up to 1st place.

Note: Setting has been substituted for the original kissing. Those preferring actual contact may use clapping: together, R., together, L. But for those (not necessarily of purer intent) who dcsire to revert to thc original, a rallentando is recommended at B 5-6.

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