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Wooing Mairi

Three couple longways set; Scott Higgs, 1986


*Top couple improper*

A1   1-8   Dance crossover mirror heys. 1st couple cross down and 2nd couple dance up the
           outside to begin. Note that the crossover results in all three women dancing a hey
           together, and the three men likewise. All end proper.
A2   9-12  1st couple two hand turn halfway. 1st and 2nd couples circle four hands halfway.
    13-16  All three couples circle six hands halfway (1st couple release hands with partner 
           to connect with 3rd couple). This leaves the order 312 from the top, with 1st 
           couple improper.
B1  17-24  1st couple gates once around (up the center) with the 3rd couple above. 
           1st couple then gates once around with the 2nd couple below.
           1st couple ends in middle place.
B2  25-32  All set and turn single. 1st couple dance a half figure eight down. End with the 
           set in the order 312, with the new top couple improper.

Notes: The tune composer, Eric Scott, was a dear friend, and an inspirational musician. He suggested dance movements that build in the second A, and then ‘open’ dramatically as the B music begins. Use all available space and make the gates zesty. Eric’s tune is designed to medley with Mairi’s Wedding, as heard on the recording: Hold the Mustard - English Country Dance Favorites.

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