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(Choreography/Music: Thomas Bray 1699, longways duple) 6/8 proper
Thomas Bray in 1699.
Interpreted by Pat Shaw in 1962.
Proper duple minor longways dance.

A1 1-4  C1 and C2 1/2 poussette, M1 pulling to start,
        finish with W1 and M2 standing R shoulder to R shoulder
   5-8  M1 and W2 go around outside to partners' places WHILE
        W1 and M2 change places by R hand and turn single over
        L shoulder to place (original position, improper)
A2      finish poussette (M1 pushing to start)
        and repeat movement to get back to original places (W1 and M2
        now move outside, while M1 and W2 change)
B1 1-4  all 1/2 turn partner R hand, back by L hand
   5-8  1st corners change passing R shoulder
        2nd corners same
B2 1-4  circle 4 hands 1/2 way. All turn single left
   5-8  circle 4 hands 1/2 way. All change places with partner R shoulder.

video if only they let camera roll!!

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