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(5 couples, square + 1 in centre)
Recording: (Early One Morning) –
(A different tune ??) –

           o x
        x       o
           x o        C5 in centre
        o       x
           x o
   A1   Top, bottom and middles (in centre) do mirror hays,
        with middle dancers going outwards (M left, W Rt)
        WHILE sides side over and back with partner (Cecil Sharp?)
        set and turn single
        8 bars
   A2   Middle couple do hay for 3 on sides with side couples
        M5 goes to Lt and W5 to Rt, passing up and through to
        begin (?? Lt Shoulder in instruction, but this is only
        for W5. M5 must ?? give Rt shoulder to M2)
        8 bars
   B1   4 outer couples do grand square (sides separate, heads in)
        While: middles face and separate, move downs, outside, in to
        face, then up to centre
   B2 (Progression)  Middle couple promenade hold, change Lt shoulder
        with C1 (heads), C1 now in middle and pass cpl on Lt (C4),
        C4 to middle and change with cpl (C3) on Lt, and so on so
        C3 changes with C2 who become the middles.
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