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Wildboar's Maggot

Thompson in about 1758.
Interpreted by Bernard Bentley in 1977.
Longways for 3 couples

   A1  1-8  C1 lead between C2 out round C3, 
            then up centre to top and cast to middle
   A2  1-8  C2 same
   B1  1-4  C1 & C2 circle L 1*
       5-8  C1 cross, below C2 and 2 hand turn 1/2, 
            fall back to side. (C2 move up??)
   B2  1-4  C1 & C3 circle L 1*
       5-8  C1 & C2 4 changes circular hey, at end
            continue to bottom, C3 moving up

From P&P Collection vol II.
Step: Fleuret
The dance was reproduced for the 1994 production of the film Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth.
True wild boars became extinct in Great Britain before the development of Modern English.


no music

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