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THE WICKERING WENCH (Maggot Pie, 6/8 longways progressive for 3 cpls)

   A1 1-2 M1 sets fwd to W2
          W3 sets fwd to M2
      3-4 these 4 turn single
      5-8 these 4 RH across once
   A2 repeat with W1 and M3 setting to C2
   B1 1-2  C1 cast down 1 place, 2s move up
      3-6 M1 counter-clockwise round W3 to middle place
          while W1 clockwise round M3
      7-8  C1 turn 1/2 way
   B2 1-2 C3 caset up, 1s move down
      3-6 M3 clockwise and W3 counterclockwise (?? check) as
          for C1 in B1 above
      7-8 C3 turn 1/2 way
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