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Wibsey Roundabout

Round for five couples, historical English style

   A   1-2   Men go forward a double to center of the circle
       3-4   Women go forward a double, WHILE the men fall back
       5-6   Men go forward again and turn to the right, WHILE the women fall back.
       7-12  Men give right hand to partner, turn all the way back to place, 
             and go directly into three changes of rights and lefts (men go cc); 
             right to partner, then left to next then right, then ..
      13-16  Give left to the next and turn once around.
  B    1-4   Women right hands across once around, back to places.
       5-8   All back to back with current partner (use the usual right shoulder)
       9-12  Making once large ring, everyone to the center and fall back.
      13-16  Face current partner, pass by the right, and two-hand turn with the next.

Music Hugh O’Donnell by Turlough O’Carolan. (?? is this correct??)

Music: ??

Recordings: ??

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