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White Wheat

Form: 3 couples longways
Dance by Hazel Moir 1992
Traditional Welsh tune - “Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn” [in waltz time)

A1	1-4	1st long diagonals cross r into each other's places &
		cast to middle place slightly outside of set 
		(ready for Lh stars on the side)
		WHILE middles wait (2) then loop L (2ndM up, 2ndW down),
		moving into their places;
	5-8	3 person Lh stars on the sides once
		((ending in lines of 3 with actives in middle).

A2	1-8	Mirror of A1:  2nd long diagonals cross L & loop to
		center place, Rh stars.

B1	1-2	End dancers cross by R sh & turn R
		WHILE middle dancers turn single R three-quarters;
	3-4	All circle L one place, single file;
	5-8	All long back-to-back with partner.

B2	1-4	1stC meet & cast to bottom
		WHILE 2ndC & 3rdC wait (2 bars) & move up individually
		(all face partners);
	5-8	Partners cross "Hole in the Wall" style, then
		Step R & honor

This dance was devised by Hazel Moir to a traditional 18th century Welsh love song (Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn), whose title in English means “Watching the White Wheat”.

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